Student Life


AIBS has a well-stocked, contemporary and up to date library and resource centre imperative to the students’ academic success. Additional reading, research and self-study are crucial components of the learning process. The resources must be on hand, current and easily accessible in real time. As such, AIBS provides the student with a fully furnished library facility and resource centre with a vast collection of books, research publications and journals related to all subjects undertaken at AIBS and effectively supporting students in their academic learning process.


AIBS boasts of an in-house, state of the art, technology driven, fully equipped, bio lab that meets all the required international standards and guidelines as per course curricula. Students following their respective academic discipline have all the necessary facilities, resources and advisors on hand. Convenient, hassle free with the sole objective of supporting and enhancing the students learning experience, as well as, giving them the practical experience crucial to succeeding in their chosen discipline, thereby guaranteeing their future success.


AIBS understands that a student’s academic life becomes a major part of his or her daily routine, where the greater part of the day is engaged in study. The academic institution becomes his or her second home during the learning process. Therefore, we have provided venues within AIBS where students have the freedom to network, discuss, research, study or just relax and take a break between lectures. What’s more we have incorporated a bit of fun and entertainment into the picture, with some game equipment to ensure that hard work and play are in essential balance supporting the student’s overall wellbeing.


AIBS is home to a state of the art, spacious lecture hall equipped with the latest technology in audio visual equipment, which provides a comfortable and result-oriented learning environment for students. The lecture hall can accommodate a capacity of over 60 students. At AIBS we understand that in order to harness the potential of the student, the environment within which he or she acquires knowledge plays a vital role. As such, we have created spaces that are conducive to developing and maximizing the student’s inherent potential, as well as providing a state of the art, enjoyable, and interactive learning experience.

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