Biomedical Career Day 2018

Bio Medical Career Day 2018, which was successfully held on 29th September 2018 at CIDA auditorium was organized by the Asian Institute of Business & Science with the guidance of Provincial Department of Education – Western Province. A great number of students who have completed their Local/ International Advanced levels (Secondary Education) have participated the event with their parents.

Asian Institute of Business & Science has cordially invited few of the renowned personals in the industry to guide the students towards their higher educational goals and to create career awareness.

Topics Discussed,

  • Career Opportunities in Biomedical Sciences & Biomedical Engineering by Dr. Angelo Karunarathne, Twinery Innovations by MAS
  • Career Clusters & Pathways in Biomedical Sciences by Dr. Rohan Sugathadasa, Director Hemas Hospital laboratory Chain
  • Careers in Nursing by Mr. Keerthi, Principle School of Nursing
  • Careers in Biological Sciences by Dr. Hashan Kulasena, Visiting faculty Asian Institute of Business & Science
  • Career pathways in Molecular Biology and Genetics by Mrs. Vajirapani De Silva, Senior Scientist, Genetech