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The Asian Institute of Business and Science is the brainchild of a man with a vision to carry on the legacy of his father. Sri Lanka is a nation brimming with untapped potential and falling short by means and opportunities as most often, students eager to pursue their studies face obstacles due to a lack in choice of disciplines, facilities and funds available or on hand.

Here at AIBS we bridge the gap, creating an economical, cost effective globally recognized gateway to a successful future in both the corporate and academic worlds, making available here at home, internationally recognized qualifications and courses of study that are in high demand. AIBS offers students the opportunity to step on to a pathway guaranteed to ensure a successful and rewarding future with courses in the fields of Science and Business. The doorways that swing open for those who venture on this path of study are limitless.

AIBS provides state of the art facilities and qualification awarded by internationally recognized institutions and organizations, backed by a panel of experienced lecturers from both the academic and corporate arenas, built on the foundation of a board with decades of experience and time tested know-how crucial to ensuring students are armed with the best set of skills on graduation; relevant in a demanding, result oriented world.

AIBS offers students a viable, rewarding and ultimately a lucrative pathway to a successful future. We urge you to take the time go through our website, visit us or give us a call to learn how we can partner you on this exciting journey ahead.

I wish you success!

Rohini Nanayakkara
Chair-Board of Directors



AIBS is home to a state of the art, spacious lecture hall equipped with the latest technology in audio visual equipment, which provides a comfortable …


AIBS understands that a student’s academic life becomes a major part of his or her daily routine …



AIBS has a well-stocked, contemporary and up to date library and resource centre imperative to the students’ academic success …


About AIBS

Asian Institute of Business and Science (AIBS) started the journey in 2018 to provide various and diverse education qualifications in the private tertiary education in Sri Lanka in the areas of Science and Business.

AIBS, at the initial stage delivers Diplomas and Higher National Diplomas affiliated to the various, recognized educational bodies. The HND in Applied Biology linked with the popular Pearson UK, Edexel and the Diploma in Business linked with the Box Hill Institute in Australia.

The AIBS comprises a well experienced Board of Governors from diverse fields and back grounds to ensure the overall quality and meet the standards of the courses.


Top popular courses for you

BTEC HND in Business

The Diploma in Business from Box Hill Institute would provide a platform in order to acquire the fundamental of business for a successful career in business and other related areas.

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BTEC HND in Applied Biology

The structure has been established using the Guidelines for Higher National Diploma Courses in Applied Biology set out by Pearson Edexcel/BTEC.

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Pathways of Diploma in Business

The Diploma in Business from Box Hill Institute in Australia provides a variety of business discipline skills. This program will provide you with a solid foundation to build your career in business, with great communication skills, self-motivation and in depth analytical skills.

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Pathways of HND in Applied Biology

The HND in Applied Biology provides a direct entry in order to complete the Final Year of the Degree in Biomedical Science and other related areas in UK and the other Universities that recognize the qualification.

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