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A network of internationally recognized academic partners and awarding bodies.

Course of study relevant and focused to meet the demands of both a corporate and academic world.

In house state of the art facilities designed to simulate real work environments that develop skills employers demand.

A highly qualified faculty with real world practical experience.

Board of directors with backgrounds in Human Resources, Finance, Business and the Sciences, from a diverse range of industries, leading to internships and work study opportunities for students.

Value for money - Cost effective; the opportunity to get a world class qualification at a fraction of the price

In the suburbs of Colombo which is fast becoming a hub of commercial activity with easy access to transport and other student amenities.

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October 6, 2023
AIBS “විදු සවිය” | Loyola College, Negombo

Take a sneak peek into our special seminar at Loyola College Negombo, designed to empower students preparing for their Advanced Level exams in Molecular Biology and recombinant DNA technology 🧬 These photos capture the moments of in-depth learning, hands-on experiences, and the enthusiasm of our students as they delve into the fascinating world of Molecular Biology. It's not just about exam readiness; it's about igniting a passion for Life Sciences, Biotechnology, and Genetics.

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90th Anniversary of our esteemed partner

October 3, 2023

For nine remarkable decades, Edge Hill has been a beacon…

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Empowering the Future at තර්කාභිශේක 23!

September 2, 2023

Kandy Girls High School became the hub of inspiration as…

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A Grand Beginning: The AIBS Galle Campus Opening!

October 3, 2023

A momentous occasion with the presence of our CEO, Mr.…

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