About Us

About AIBS

The Asian Institute of Business & Science (AIBS) commenced its journey with the primary goal of facilitating pathways in education to students in fields essential in today's global corporate environment. In fulfilling this laudable objective, the academic organization has partnered with internationally recognized academic institutions giving both local and international students the opportunity to venture forth in areas of study with an international network and support framework guaranteeing success. AIBS currently provides diverse and much needed education qualifications in the private tertiary education sector in Sri Lanka, in the areas of Science and Business.

Vision and Business Philosophy

Our Core Values – CREAD

  • Commitment
  • Respect
  • Excellence
  • Accountability and Integrity
  • Diversity


We are dedicated to meeting the needs of the communities we serve.

We will;
  • Support the business philosophy of AIBS.
  • Focus on student and stakeholder needs.
  • Respond to the changing needs of our communities in a timely manner.
  • Create new programs and services to meet identified needs.
  • Continuously evaluate and improve programs, services, systems and policies.
  • Utilize a shared decision-making process.


We recognize the expertise of all members of AIBS and encourage individual contribution.

We will;
  • Include stakeholders in the decisions that affect them.
  • Treat people with dignity and encourage feelings of self-worth.
  • Promote trust through professional courtesy and fair treatment.
  • Recognize and support employee and student contributions.


We strive to develop and pursue higher standards.

We will;
  • Commit to providing the best educational experience possible to every student.
  • Exhibit quality in staffing, facilities, programs and services.
  • Promote continuous improvement.
  • Anticipate needs and respond accordingly.
  • Encourage creativity, innovation and risk-taking & utilize systems that promote student and employee success.
  • Strive to exceed student and stakeholder expectations.
  • Encourage decision-making at the level of implementation & interdepartmental collaboration.
  • View setbacks as learning experiences.

Accountability & Integrity

We assume and demonstrate responsibility for our actions.

We will;
  • Uphold the highest ethical standards, striving for institutional and personal integrity in all that we do.
  • Take responsibility for personal and professional growth and development.
  • Continuously evaluate and improve our systems and policies.
  • Establish and communicate clearly defined and articulated goals and objectives.
  • Ensure our work adds value to AIBS.
  • Demonstrate fiscal and social responsibility.


We believe that our similarities and differences are opportunities for establishing a common bond and strengthening AIBS.

We will;
  • Employ at AIBS, a workforce that reflects the community we serve.
  • Ensure fair and equal access for all.
  • Recognize, appreciate and celebrate the strength of diversity.
  • Provide educational experiences that promote a greater appreciation for diversity.
  • Implement learning activities that integrate diversity topics in the classroom.
  • Seek and consider multiple points of view.

Rohini Nanayakkara


The Asian Institute of Business & Science is the brainchild of a man with a vision to carry on the legacy of his father. Sri Lanka is a nation brimming with untapped potential and falling short by means and opportunities as most often, students eager to pursue their studies face obstacles due to a lack in choice of disciplines, facilities and funds available or on hand.

Here at AIBS we bridge the gap, creating an economical, cost effective globally recognized gateway to a successful future in both the corporate and academic worlds, making available here at home, internationally recognized qualifications and courses of study that are in high demand. AIBS offers students the opportunity to step on to a pathway guaranteed to ensure a successful and rewarding future with courses in the fields of Science and Business. The doorways that swing open for those who venture on this path of study are limitless.

AIBS provides state of the art facilities and qualification awarded by internationally recognized institutions and organizations, backed by a panel of experienced lecturers from both the academic and corporate arenas, built on the foundation of a board with decades of experience and time tested know-how crucial to ensuring students are armed with the best set of skills on graduation; relevant in a demanding, result oriented world.

AIBS offers students a viable, rewarding and ultimately a lucrative pathway to a successful future. We urge you to take the time go through our website, visit us or give us a call to learn how we can partner you on this exciting journey ahead.

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