Why choose AIBS?

  • Experience in the education field spanning over 8 years with the launch of Emergence Education in 2010, which provides consultancy services in education and career guidance to students who aspire to pursue higher studies overseas.


  • A network of internationally recognized academic partners and awarding bodies.


  • Course of study relevant and focused to meet the demands of both a corporate and academic world.


  • In house state of the art facilities designed to simulate real work environments that develop skills employers demand.


  • A highly qualified faculty with real world practical experience.


  • Board of directors with backgrounds in Human Resources, Finance, Business and the Sciences, from a diverse range of industries, leading to internships and work study opportunities for students.


  • Value for money – Cost effective; the opportunity to get a world class qualification at a fraction of the price.


  • Location – in the suburbs of Colombo which is fast becoming a hub of commercial activity with easy access to transport and other student amenities.