As an institute, that is committed to provide a safe place of learn, work and the well-being of our students and staff, we ensure that the source of information and advices relating to COVID 19 (Novel Coronavirus) is frequently been updated.


Q1: Is the institute operating as usual?

As per the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) guidelines on permitted functions during this COVID 19 pandemic, institute will remain closed for on-campus, face-to-face lectures, however AIBS will conduct all the lectures on-line.

Q2: Are the institute facilities, such as laboratories, libraries still open?

As per the guidelines given by the Health Ministry of Sri Lanka, none of the on-campus facilities will not be available for the students during this period.

Q3: Do we need to still submit the hard copies of the assignments?

No, you are permitted to submit the soft copy version of your assignment. You can email the assignments to the Academic Administrator on or before the due of the assignment submission date.

Q4: Will the commencement dates of the semesters would change?

No, the commencement dates remain as published in the academic calendar.

Q5: What does online learning mean, and how can I effectively learn online?

AIBS endeavour to provide students with resources and support to assist a comfortable online learning platform. All the lectures will be delivered by using MS Teams platform and may also use other tools such as Adobe Connect and Zoom where necessary.

It is important to do regular checks for new resources and news articles and to keep connected with your lecturers and classmates. By attending lectures and participating in discussions attentively you will be able to make this new experience effective.

Q6: Which modules will be online?

Other than the practical classes all your units will be delivered online until further notice

Q7: How long will classes be online?

For the remainder of 2020 the classes will be online & will change to on-campus sessions with the advice received from the health authorities.

Q8: Do I still have to attend practical on-campus?

This will be informed to you by your lecturer in line with the current health guidelines. In case of unavailability of on-campus practical sessions, the lecturers will conduct virtual practical sessions.

Q9: Any changes in the way of conducting assessments?

No, assessment will continue as usual, however if you are affected by the pandemic please discuss with your lecturer / academic administrator to obtain a special consideration treatment under the compelling and compassionate grounds.

Q10: Will I have access to recorded lectures and lecture materials?

Yes, all the lecture recordings and lecture materials will be uploaded to MS Teams by end of each session.

Q11: I do not have internet access and therefore how can I continue my studies?

All the AIBS students been provided with Wi-Fi routers to provide you with necessary infrastructure to access internet and continue with uninterrupted study sessions.

Q12: What can I do when I experience a technical issue?

Please contact the AIBS academic administrator, who will make necessary arrangements to fix the issue.

I feel anxious about the new online study experience and the country’s current situation with COVID-19 We do understand your current situation and how you may feel, therefore we are at AIBS always here to hear you out. Please be connected with your classmates and lecturers.

Q13: As a future student of AIBS, will my courses be taught online for the first semester only or will it be for the duration of my studies?

If you are studying a course that is attendance mode is on-campus (taught on-campus), classes may start online, and you will move to campus-based classes as soon as we are able to offer them.

Q14: I have some questions, who do I contact for further information?

If you have any further questions or would like to discuss your circumstances, please do not hesitate to contact us via

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