CSR Initiative – Ananda College

Unit 7 (Local A/Ls): Molecular Biology & Recombinant DNA Technology:

This session was developed by the Senior Lecturer Miss. Varuni Vindya in order to provide the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge in the given area for students facing the advanced level examination under the targeted syllabuses with enough knowledge and understanding. This session was not only developed to prepare them for the upcoming exams but also to develop an interest towards the current researches & developments in Molecular Biology, since it has been one of the highly demanding areas in the industry.

Stress Management & Positive attitude to Success in Education and Life:

The session was developed by Dr. Chamara De Zoysa, Head of Academics at AIBS Campus. The examination success directly linked with the positive attitude and the individual ability to manage stress. The session at Ananda College provided a platform for the students to understand the techniques to manage their stress and develop a positive attitude towards success.