CSR Initiative – St. Thomas’ College Kotte

Effective Teaching Techniques for 21st Century: By Dr. Chamara De Zoysa, Head of Academics – Asian Institute of Business & Science

The Globalization drives the education to be more effective and emphasize on the importance of innovational teaching techniques in 21st century. The Training program of “Art of Teaching” at St. Thomas’ College Kotte, mainly targeted the teachers in the school in order to provide a strong platform to develop an effective teaching techniques to meet the requirements of 21st century. The dynamic environment has created a significant impact on the education system to design and implement world class teaching techniques to enhance our education system.

CSR Initiative – Sirimavo Bandaranaike Vidyalaya

Asian Institute of Business & Science has started this CSR initiative to fulfill the needs of students facing Local & Cambridge Advanced level in year 2019. As per the requests from the schools, AIBS has arranged the following sessions with the guidance of the Senior Lecture panel.

Unit 7: Molecular Biology & Recombinant DNA Technology (Local syllabus); Unit 6: Nucleic Acids and Protein Synthesis and Unit 19: Genetic Technology (Cambridge syllabus)

This session was developed by the Senior Lecturer Miss. Varuni Vindya in order to provide the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge in the given area for students facing the advanced level examination under the targeted syllabuses with enough knowledge and understanding. This session was not only developed to prepare them for the upcoming exams but also to develop an interest towards the current researches & developments in Molecular Biology, since it has been one of the highly demanding areas in the industry. The sessions were developed to be interactive while advance theories and applications were explained with the support of videos and other visual aids. Resource books and proposed questions for respective units were developed by the AIBS and were distributed among the students and teachers who participated the events. At the end of the session, students were provided with an idea about the career opportunities available in the field as well.

Positive Attitude to success in education and life: Session was planned and conducted by Dr. Chamara De Zoysa, Head of Academics – Asian Institute of Business & Science. “Attitude” is the key success factor for all the individuals and the training session mainly emphasize to spread the message across the new generation to develop a positive attitude and be success in life. The importance of positive attitude, impact on the academic life and how to develop a positive attitude were included in the training programme. The main objective of the programme is to create positive vibes in student’s minds to leverage success.

Opening of DR. N. R. DE Silva Memorial Laboratory

Asian Institute of Business and Science (AIBS) officially opened the laboratory complex for microbiology, pathology and chemistry on 27th August 2018. The state of the art, technology driven, fully equipped, laboratories meets all the required international standards and guidelines as per course curricula. AIBS students following their respective academic discipline now have all the necessary facilities, resources and advisors on hand. These laboratories are intended to support and enhance the students learning experience and give them the practical experience crucial to succeeding in their chosen discipline, thereby guaranteeing their future success.