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May 17, 2024

The voices of our commentators’ boom over the speakers, guiding students through a game, as we enter the grounds. Red, blue and green tents stand out cheerfully against the greenery with students mingling in groups under them, taking refuge from the sun (it was WARM). Away from the buzz, a vast expanse of floating plants stretches out across a lake behind the grounds while by the stage, a broad tall cotton tree gently rustles its leaves. At its base, a group of students in colourful sarongs rest by a fallen log, snapping selfies.

If you were at the event, it would have been hard to miss the meticulous planning demonstrated from the event entry wristbands to the sponsorship flyers to the orange (hand painted) batik-style banners all a silent testimony to the hard work put in by the student council and esthetics club.

Then we have the commentators (drumroll please). Truth be told, the event wouldn’t have been as lively without the playful banter our spectacular commentators weaved into the show from Siluna and Tamashas’ ridiculous commentary (Siluna on staff musical chairs: ‘Our staff were part of the Sri Lankan cricket team!’) to Manilka’s admonishments of the two. Manilka herself described the event as a vibrant atmosphere saying that, “every element, no matter how small, added to the richness of the festivities, creating an atmosphere of joy and togetherness that I will forever treasure”.

When we ask others for their take on the scene, one student, Nilen, complimented the environment mentioning that “everyone was partaking, everyone was happy” while another student, Akshayani, described the scene as “celebrative” and “interactive”. Ms Osanthi, COO, mentioned how she felt “really proud and happy to see all my kids who are getting together and putting this wonderful event together”. Sir Miyuru, lecturer in charge of the esthetics club, gave a hats off to the organizers, announcers and the brain behind the decorations saying, “I’m actually enjoying, I just hope it won’t rain right now (it did, in fact, rain and thunder) the games are fun”.

Other students acknowledged the hard work put in by the student council, calling the event “well organized”, “amazing” and “really interactive”. They couldn’t be more right. While students laughed and tried their hand at the games, the student council worked in the background with their office bearers darting across the grounds, making sure everything was in order.

What went well

In fact, Daanish Aqil Azwer, vice president of the student council, described the pressure they faced given this was the committee’s first large-scale event where nailing the program would mean securing relevant success for similar upcoming projects. In the end, he calls the event ‘a huge success’ especially considering the unexpected hiccups they had to manage along the way. Even Mr Dinusha, student counsellor, explained his surprise at the sponsorships they received which was ‘way beyond our expectations’, calling the day a good start for the student council.

Moving on to the actual games, there are too many to mention, but these are some key highlights the writers wing wants you’ll to relive:

Firstly, pani bambare. We had a winner for that one…until we didn’t. Everyone (everyone) was disqualified for not turning around the pole enough times and so it started again. A girl in a bright pink lungi collapsed at the ground by the pole in a laughing heap. Multiple others came running towards their group, laughing and ready to lunge into the crowd while someone else took their trajectory to the food stall (wise choice). And on and on it went until the last chap of one lucky group finally made it to the end, and that game drew to a close.

Next, musical chairs (a personal favourite). Players danced their way around the circle of chairs and when they finally sat, some actually fell back over on broken chairs as Siluna’s laughter bubbled across the grounds. Amidst the chaos, we saw a little schoolboy stop to marvel at the scene from outside before hurrying to follow his sister down the road and out of sight. The staff seemed to be enjoying this as much as the students, laughing, clapping and joking around with each other as they watched the dwindling chairs and dancing students. A little worriedly now we hear Siluna say ‘kaduwa na ne putu?’ (the same announcer, several broken chairs later – ‘ane please putu tika kadanna epa’). A cream-coloured dog trotted past the chairs, bouncing in time with the beats from the music. At the final face-off between two contestants, one guy sat on the chair…almost. His competitor grabbed the chair and sat on it instead (He won but not without comments from spectators about cheating). And at the end of it all, if seems the dog found a spot by the foot of some spectators under a tent, gently cleaning it’s leg on the cool grass.

At this point, we should mention that there was an orange beaked bird with its muddy eggs nestled in the ground by the stage. When anyone approached, it would stand up tall, brandishing a protective wing and clucking at intruders. Thats probably why all the games took place on the other end of the ground, ridiculously far away from the stage (or so we like to think. That makes the bird seem very important).

And of course, we can’t finish without an honorary mention of kamba adeema (tug of war) which, albeit the little shenanigans between opposing teams, ended quite nicely (or muddily, we’ll leave that one to you).

Aesthetic club performances

In addition to the student council, and the organizers of the event, a lot of effort was put in by the members of the esthetic club from the decorations to the dancing and singing performances. The singing item, a collaborative effort between the musicians and instrumental groups under the club, headed by Alisha and Dulaj respectively, was evidently enjoyed by the audience as they frolicked along with the singing. When we spoke to Alisha, it was clear that the whole lot of them had so much fun rehearsing for the day and they were eagerly excited to showcase their talents for everyone to see. Alisha explained how their team had grown close during the practices, and connected well, even when things went haywire.

The music group’s hard work was acknowledged by Mr. Miyuru, who regarded that the establishment of the esthetic club was excellent as there are more diverse activities going on within the community. The dancing group headed by Shalni and Subhasha did not fail to back this statement up by the mesmerizing dance, choreographed to Sinhala and Tamil songs under the guidance of Ms Sasini. It was exhilarating to watch as everyone cheered on to their friends’ performance.

The Final Verdict?

As the day drew to a close, those who were there would remember the dark clouds rolling in as all the contestants for the pageantry came up on the stage. Somehow our beloved judges managed to select the Avurudu Kumara and Kumariya in time. During the crowning of our two winners – Anojh and Dilanya, it was drizzling. But no one seemed to mind as they rushed to congratulate the two winners after which the crowd buzzed along to where the DJ had started playing music. Five minutes later, it was pouring. While some danced without a care in the world, the rest ran towards the tents for shelter. Then, the lightning started. At this point, we could hear Siluna trying to get everyone towards the tent as the sky began to light up with flashes of lightning.

Was it the perfect end to the day? Not necessarily.

But was it a perfect day all the same? Well from the efforts put in by the student council to the showstopping performances and decoration organised by the aesthetics club to the shining feedback from happy students, the Writers Wing would say the AIBS Avurdu Udanaya came as close to perfect as a day could be. Wouldn’t you agree?

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